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We love to help organisations define their technology needs and how to build for the future.

Although much of our work in this area centres on selecting and implementing the right IT solutions, it is equally important to consider the people and process aspects of technology, your risk and security profile, and overall governance.

There are some brilliant technology solutions available to businesses and not for profit organisations, and as the cliche says, change is the only constant.  True transformation however comes from understanding where your organisation needs to be positioned and how teams and processes need to adapt in order to drive the desired changes - not simply by adopting the latest digital platform.

We can assist through specific strategy engagements, or you can take can advantage of our ongoing virtual CIO (vCIO) programme.


Technology Management

MyTechies aim to enable your business to gain the most it can from the available technology.

We do this through getting to know the drivers for your business, both internal and external, and determining how technology can be leveraged to optimise your existing processes and identify new opportunities.

In addition to developing your technology strategy, we can provide operational support to ensure the smooth running of your IT environment.

Cyber Security

Security is a concern for all businesses, and if this isn’t something that you are constantly working on we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity  to pause and take stock of your potential exposure.  

Our experience in running both large corporate networks and cloud-based environments means that we are well versed in prevalent risks and pragmatic approaches to mitigate them.

One of the most important aspects of security is building awareness and knowledge amongst your team, and MyTechies have some unique and effective approaches to do this.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Take a moment to consider “what if…” scenarios and plan accordingly.  

There are many risks that could affect the normal operation of your organisation, from Cyber Security to power outages, water shortages and natural disasters.  They can’t all be avoided, however by building a resilient organisation and utilising appropriately designed IT systems you can reduce the impact – and ideally bounce back stronger than ever.

With practical experience in driving real improvements within New Zealand based companies, not to mention an actual IT crisis or two, we have both the background and no nonsense approach to be able to help you understand the risks you face and what you can do about them.

Domain Management

If you don’t already have a domain registered, or you are finding it difficult to manage your domain and update DNS settings, MyTechies can help.  We are equally happy to work with your existing provider, or manage domains and DNS on your behalf.

MyTechies works with both local providers for that personal level of support, and AWS’ Route53 when scalability and high availability are key.

Many small business customers have run out of patience with security, reliability and capacity issues with their ISP-provided email and now could be a good time to get your own domain set up and move to cloud hosted email platforms.

Asset Management

Managing your IT assets – be they computers, mobile devices or printers – can be a real headache.  Software licensing and subscriptions can be even more difficult to manage, especially given the ease with which your staff can sign up for a new service online.

MyTechies include Asset Management in some of our Technology Management Plans, or we can create a custom solution to meet your unique requirements.

We ensure that assets under our management are;

  • Tracked
  • Maintained
  • Have an agreed lifecycle / replacement schedule
  • Clear and up to date support information

We can also assist with cost management and tracking for Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud based applications.

Resources for Training and Induction

Bringing team members on board and getting them set up and productive as efficiently as possible is a challenge for all businesses.

In addition to working with you on user onboarding (how to get them set up when they start) and exit processes (what to do when they leave), MyTechies can assist in building a training and induction programme that ensures your team get up to speed and know where to find the information they need to get productive, fast.

Our approach is to take a standard set of requirements, build in your unique systems and processes, and then adapt for your environment.

Our customers running Office 365 have leveraged SharePoint as a platform to support these processes and knowledge management, while Google Sites and Dropbox Paper are also great options.

Service Desk and Support

Our dedication to customer service and support ensures that you are freed up from technical troubleshooting and your team are focussed on delivering value, not messing around trying to work out why their WiFi isn’t working.

We understand that not everyone works in tech full time - or wants to - and know just how frustrating IT problems can be, especially when they are poorly explained or communicated.

MyTechies work proactively to minimise outages and issues, and when they do occur we are responsive and prompt. We're always learning too, and are keen to hear your feedback.

WiFi and Network Services

A reliable high performance network is the backbone of most tech environments, regardless of whether you are relying on cloud services or local applications.

There are a large number of solutions available and it can be difficult to discern the difference between them, and why they appear expensive when compared to home WiFi solutions.

MyTechies are platform agnostic and can work with you to determine what your requirements are and how to identify the best network platform for your environment, or you can take advantage of our managed network offering.



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