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Please, don't forget your backups!

The golden rule of backups is that they are only as good as the last time you tested restoring from them - don’t just rely on “set and forget”.

Backups are not just a concern for businesses with local IT systems. Modern cloud services such as Dropbox, G.Suite or Office 365 offer excellent data integrity, resilience, and security (in many cases better than locally hosted options), however you will still need to think about your backup requirements.  It is all too easy for backups and other business continuity concerns to be put on the back-burner, so take five minutes and have a think about your current backup approach.


  • What are your data retention requirements under legislation, and sound business practice?
  • What happens to data on your cloud services for deleted accounts?
  • How will you recover data if someone - accidentally or otherwise - deletes critical information?
  • If you are affected by a ransomware attack and your data is encrypted, what recovery options do you have?
  • If you lose access to one of your cloud services, how will your business be impacted?

Much of the time in smaller organisations a local backup to an external hard drive or network attached storage device may be in place, but once again work through the different scenarios...  If your building is impacted by fire or flood, the external drive sitting in your office is not much good to you.

If you are relying on a single cloud platform for your data, make sure that you understand the limitations of the service you have available, for example do you have 30, 90, 120 days of deleted item retention? What happens to archived data? Do you have a full offline copy available, and how up to date is it?

Working for a larger organisation or enterprise? Take this as a reminder to check in with your team and make sure that not only are your backups in place, they are actively being checked and tested.

Offsite and cloud based backup storage and archiving are offered by both local and global providers.  Consider your requirements, budget and the systems you need to cover when looking for a comprehensive backup solution.

MyTechies and other service providers can assist with setting up the right infrastructure and processes to ensure a robust lifecycle for your data, but it is incredibly difficult - in some cases impossible - to retrospectively recover data where inadequate backup measures were in place.

Things can and do go wrong - often several at once! - so please take this a reminder to check in on your backups now, don't wait until you find you need them!

Not sure where to get started? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and options.