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Smart Transport


Our office is in the fantastic GridAKL co-working space in Auckland, and it always feels good to skip the gridlock and arrive invigorated by the bike ride into town. Auckland during rush hour really emphasises that oxymoron: it’s hardly a rush but a slow crawl for commuters every day.  

 Like you, we are conscious of how our travel impacts the environment, whether it’s commuting or getting around in the weekend, so we wanted to hear the latest on the subject at the Smart Transport Forum hosted by the Sustainable Business Network.  

Read on for a little bit of info about the event (stay tuned for a follow-up blog, too) and some of our tips for creating a culture of active transport for your business. 

 The 2018 forum will communicate the Government’s strategy for the country’s transport policy, the current and future status of eBikes and electric vehicles, how apps are revolutionising carpooling and shared transport, and how autonomous vehicles will impact transport.  

 Sustainable transport options don't have to be hard. However, if you want your team to have a culture of travelling smarter, you will need to be flexible and support a variety of options such as cycling, public transport or, when only a car will do, consider ride sharing with Zoomy or CityHop.  

 We love our eBike, but think it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone is confident on a bike. You can offer training or a buddy system while newer cyclists build their confidence, and you can also encourage staff to try different ways of getting into the office. For those based in Auckland, consider offering a free or subsidised AT Hop card for work use. This can be supported with the AT Mobile app to plan trips.  

We’ll be sharing key insights from Sustainable Business Network’s Smart Transport Forum here on the blog, so check back soon. 


Mike Carroll