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Password Security reminder

Concerns around data security are back in the media again after Spark alerted some of its customers that their account details were for sale on the dark web. Affected customers used the same password and email combination for their Spark account as they did on another website, leaving their details vulnerable. If you were one of the customers affected, you would have already received an email to let you know. 


We thought this was a timely reminder of the importance of password security, so we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet of some important steps:  


  1. Don’t use the same password for more than one website. If your details are compromised by one website, you’re leaving the door wide open for hackers on all other sites where you’ve used that username and password combination. 

  2. We get it: remembering a whole load of passwords is tough. Especially when you’ve also got to remember half a dozen pin numbers, the date of your wedding anniversary, and your dog’s favourite colour. Get yourself a password manager. They are secure and you only need to remember one password to access all your saved passwords. Just make sure that that password is an extremely strong one that you won’t forget.  

    We recommend 1Password from, LastPass, and Dashlane, but there are other solutions out there as well. 

  3. Don’t use easily hackable passwords. Not your kids’ names, not your birthday, and definitely not password123. If you need a password you can remember easily (ie, not a random collection of numbers, letters and symbols) try a random yet memorable phrase, for example, ‘Dog-Yellow-Balloon’. 

  4. If you want to know if your login has been compromised, head over to the website and enter your email address. If it has, update your password for the affected sites and, while you’re motivated, make sure your other passwords are secure, too.   

MyTechies can assist with all aspects of cyber security to keep you and your customers’ information safe and secure. If you’d like to know more about how we can help click here.

While you’re here, why not brush up on some other important security basics?

Mike Carroll