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Supporting our community with the One Percent Collective

We want to put our money where our community is, and that’s why we have committed to giving one percent of our revenue to the One Percent Collective.  


This Wellington-based charity aims to make charitable giving a great experience and partners with New Zealand–based charities. Anyone can set themselves up as a regular donor – even if it’s giving less than one percent, or way more than one percent – the idea is simply that one percent is small for the giver but huge for the charities. When they can rely on regular funding, charities spend less time and energy fundraising and more time innovating and problem-solving for their chosen cause.  


The One Percent Collective is currently partnered with 11 charities, and it’s up to you whether you choose a selection or split your donation evenly between all of them. The charities support everything from the most vulnerable members of our community to our coastlines.  


One of their charities is Sustainable Coastlines, which works to organise waterway restoration events and clean-ups as well as raising public awareness through education programmes. They use their funding to train ambassadors and coordinate larger scale, more effective events. Back in 2017 they celebrated their 500th beach clean-up since they were established in 2008, and we think that’s pretty awesome.  


The One Percent Collective runs on a 100 percent model; the board of trustees are all volunteers and their operating costs are covered by corporate sponsors. So every dollar donated goes directly to the charities. We are proud to support such an innovative local organisation that is changing the landscape for charitable giving in New Zealand. MyTechies’ one percent goes to all 11 charities; it’s just another way we like to support our environment and community.  


Since their inception, the One Percent Collective has raised $960,052 – can you help them crack a million? 





Mike Carroll