Purpose Driven. Solutions Focussed.

Becoming a Responsible Company

Turning Good Intentions into Positive Impact

We support organisations, communities and the environment through the strategic use of technology.

There was simply no point in going into business if we were going to keep doing things the way we had before.  It is abundantly clear that running companies purely for profit is something our communities and the environment can no longer afford.

We are definitely out to build a commercially successful company, however at the same time we want to support our local communities, minimise our environmental impact, and where we can help our customers and partners to do the same.

Our current practices are simple yet effective, including;

- Minimising paper usage with electronic workflows

- Minimising transport impact by prioritising public transport use and eBikes for local travel.

- Reducing eWaste through selecting upgradable technology, repairing and upgrading to extend product lifetime, and using rechargeable batteries.

- Working from a fantastic energy efficient building space at GridAKL.



MyTechies is a member of the Sustainable Business Network.

As a Sustainable Business Network member we are beginning to use some of their excellent resources including the Smart Office Guide and Get Sust Online. We're looking forward to learning more from other companies in the network too.